• You don’t know the little knowledge about the mop

    The mop is one of the appliances where the most dirt resides, and if not cleaned with care, it can become a breeding ground for some microorganisms and disease-causing bacteria. When the Mop is in use, it will most likely contact the organic components of the ground, the...
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  • Spring cleaning roof difficult to clean? Use this telescopic duster, 5 minutes for a new home

    The weather is getting colder and colder. The windows are closed for most of the time. But even so, the dust in the house is also too much to clean. The floor, the table is okay, the top of the cabinet, the ceiling is too high, it real...
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  • Mop purchase method and maintenance tips

    The mop should be derived from the wipe. When there is a stain on the ground that needs to be cleaned, people are afraid that they just want to sweep it clean, they not necessarily want to wipe it clean. With the progress of productivi...
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  • How to use the glass scraper, Yujie teach you small tricks

    Glass hand scraper, also known as glass single-sided wipe, is one of the common cleaning supplies indispensable for cleaning the surface of the glass and glass rotary table It is composed of two parts: a wiper frame and a rubber strip....
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  • How to clean the mop?

    When the mop is used for a long time, the top will accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria. Today I will teach you how to clean the mop. Tools / Ingredients 1. tea leaves 2. white vinegar, baking soda   3...
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